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GritShift Billet Footpeg Support Brace (Sur Ron & Segway E-Bikes)

GritShift Billet Footpeg Support Brace (Sur Ron & Segway E-Bikes)


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Popping wheelies and standing up is half the fun of riding a custom e-bike, but these tricks aren’t without their risks. If you put too much pressure on the footpegs while you’re showing off you could damage the footpeg brackets or even snap them off altogether. The GritShift Billet Footpeg Support Brace With O-Rings will help you avoid bracket failure.

Basically, the support brace reinforces the flimsy stock brackets so they don’t bend under your weight. This frees you up to play around on your e-bike without experiencing serious damage to your ride or injuring yourself because of a sudden bracket failure. The GritShift Billet Footpeg Support Brace lets you push your ride to the limits more safely, and we think that’s a win all around.

We’ve done a lot of testing on the GritShift Billet Footpeg Support Brace to make sure that it fits on Sur-Ron or Segway bikes. Whether your model is brand new or you’ve been riding it for a while, this bracket can be installed in just a few minutes. It can also be installed on a bike where the brackets are already starting to bend to prevent a full failure.

Not only does the GritShift Billet Footpeg Support Brace help prevent bracket failure, but thanks to clever use of rubber o-rings, it can also stop unwanted rattling. Installation is so easy you can do it before work. All you need to do is remove the two bolts from one of your footpeg brackets, slide the brace into the slot, and then reinstall the bolts. Boom, you’re ready to hit the trail with added protection.


  • Helps you prevent injuries caused by the sudden break of footpeg brackets
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminum construction won’t add significant weight to your bike
  • Designed to be a direct fit on Sur-Ron and Segway e-bikes with no modifications required 
  • Two rubber grommets included to eliminate rattling
  • Can be installed in 15 minutes or less with common tools


Vehicle Fitment

  • Sur Ron LBX
  • Segway X260
  • Segway X160

This is the known and tested compatibility for this product. Factory variations, dealer options, and aftermarket modifications could affect compatibility in your specific case. Please verify compatibility to the best of your ability before purchasing.

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