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Alpinestars Supertech R10 Team Helmet Matte Black/Carbon Red Fluo/Blue

Alpinestars Supertech R10 Team Helmet Matte Black/Carbon Red Fluo/Blue


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Outer Shell

Using advanced molding technology, this helmet features a multi-composite construction consisting of a 3K high-density carbon outer layer, a uni-directional carbon composite layer, an aramid fiber layer, and a fiberglass layer. This combination, bonded with epoxy resin, achieves the optimal balance of resin and fiber for maximum strength, mechanical performance, and lightweight design. The 3K high-density carbon outer layer provides superior energy dissipation and reduces outer shell deflection, resulting in better energy absorption by the EPS liner.

Inner Shell

The helmet features four inner shells that are carefully crafted to provide riders with a precise fit, resulting in improved comfort and reduced weight. This construction not only enhances the overall experience but also increases the helmet's effectiveness in the event of an impact. Additionally, the eight-piece multi-density EPS liner is strategically designed with six specific densities to ensure excellent energy absorption and a close, comfortable fit. This liner also has a smooth inner surface, which minimizes friction and effectively manages oblique impact forces. To further protect against rotational, oblique, and linear impacts, the EPS liner is polished and coated to reduce friction, allowing the rider's head to move independently inside the helmet. The A-Head Fitment System adds to the helmet's customized fit and can be adjusted for the rider's preference, such as the height and angle at which the helmet sits on the head. Overall, this helmet offers superior protection and comfort by utilizing advanced design and technology.

The Supertech R10 helmet utilizes CFD simulations and wind tunnel and track testing for optimal aerodynamic stability and low drag performance. It features two detachable spoilers, a standard and longer race version, both fitted with elastic joints to reduce rotational energy upon impact. Additionally, lateral winglets and visor turbulators improve aerodynamic drag and aero-acoustic performance. The helmet boasts 11 ventilation points, including chin and top intakes and chin bar and top rear exhausts, all integrated with the shell for efficient airflow. The top vent has a central slider for customized airflow and two rear extractor vents for heat dissipation. The chin vents direct air towards the inner side of the shields, preventing fogging and misting, while chin bar vents extract humid air to the exterior of the helmet.

Shield Features
The visor of this high-performance helmet is equipped with a metal locking mechanism lever that prevents shield detachment during impacts or crashes. In addition, it also features a lowered side line for an exceptional field of view, on top of the already wide eye port that offers 220° of lateral and 57° of vertical visibility for maximum riding comfort. The visor can be easily changed or removed using the secure and tool-less quick-release system. This helmet also comes with an Optical Class 1 shield, 3 mm thick, coated with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment, and equipped with internal pins to accommodate Pinlock® lens and tear-offs.

Removable Lining

The linings are equipped with anti-microbial treatments and can be easily removed and washed. Additionally, the crown pad and neck pad are connected with an elastic construction consisting of four panels for a precise fit and optimal foam thickness. The cheek pads are made with breathable foam and fabrics and also include an emergency extraction system for easy removal by medical personnel. Furthermore, there is a channel available for the installation of a hydration system. The chin bar profile is designed with a raised bottom profile to clear the collarbone, providing a more comfortable fit.
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