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Chimera Engineering 4 Speed Honda Grom Engine Swap Mount Kit for 5 Speed Chassis (2022+)

Chimera Engineering 4 Speed Honda Grom Engine Swap Mount Kit for 5 Speed Chassis (2022+)


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The OG/SF 4 Speed engine has numerous high-performance modifications, making it capable of reaching its full potential. In contrast, the 5 speed engine is limited by its narrow head stud spacing. The 1st/2nd gen 4 Speed Honda Grom 125 engine can now be installed in the 2022+ Honda Grom 125 chassis with the help of Chimera Engineering's mount kit and with minimal modifications to the chassis, just a small notch for engine clearance. However, the right side engine case needs to be shaved down to less than 87mm on the two mounting hole surface for a proper fit. This could be accomplish with the use of basic hand or air tools, such as a grinder, cut off wheel, or Dremel. Reusing the 2 factory engine bolts are also required.

Chimera engineered the mount so that it would lock into place, tying the frame together with the mount brackets. 

This engine swap mount kit from Chimera Engineering is reversible, so you can switch back to the 5-speed engine or return the 4 speed engine to the OG/SF chassis with the help of washers or machined spacers to restore the original width (90mm).

Kit Contents:

  • Chimera Engineering Upper Engine Mount Brackets
  • Mounting hardware


2022+ Honda Grom 125 (ABS/Non-ABS)

Made in the USA!


NOTE: This swap mount kit will not work with the 2022+ Monkey 125 frame because the Monkey frame has a welded bracket that interferes with the Chimera brackets on the right side. Removing the weld on bracket is required. Chimera will be making a Monkey specific mount kit that will be available in the near future.

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