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Chimera Engineering Water Resistance Filter Wrap for Sprint Filter BP-1002 / 401934

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Keep your engine, throttle body, turbo inlet, or carburetor protected with the Chimera Engineering Filter Wrap for Sprint Filter Water Proof cone universal air filters SKU: BP-1002 / 401934! Made from 100% monofilament polyester with water repellent finish to prevent debris, water drops, and unwanted substances from entering into your intake! 

It's recommended to replace the filter wrap every 5,000 - 6,000 miles. The filter screen may stay fully intact and usable, however, the water repellent feature will become less effective over time and use. Chimera filter screen are sold affordably so that customers can replace the filter screen with ease. Riding conditions and the extent in which you use the product can also effect the lifetime of your filter screen.

Please note: "water repellent" does NOT mean "water proof." You cannot completely submerge the screen into water, it's designed to keep the splashes and droplets out i.e. "repel". It's definitely better to have one than to not!

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