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Chimera Frame Mount Oil Cooler Bracket 2014 - 2020 Honda Grom 125

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Chimera Frame Mount Oil Cooler Brackets for 2014 - 2020 Honda Grom 125! Bolt your oil cooler to the frame with this bracket. This also doubles a fairing holder/stabilizer and it has a location to hold the IAT sensor.




Chimera High Mount Oil Cooler Bracket for 2014 - 2020 Honda Grom 125. With this bracket, you can now mount your oil cooler higher up near the frame. Also acts as a fairing holder which means the factory air box has to be removed. Some minor trimming to the plastic panels may be needed to clear the oil fitting/line. It has a location to mount the IAT sensor directly onto the bracket, for airbox deletes that doesn't have a location for the IAT sensor.


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