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Chimera Slammed Kickstand Relocation Kit for Lowered Honda Grom 125 (2014-2022), Monkey 125 (2018-2022)(Pre-Order)

Chimera Slammed Kickstand Relocation Kit for Lowered Honda Grom 125 (2014-2022), Monkey 125 (2018-2022)(Pre-Order)


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Chimera Slammed Grom Kickstand Relocation Kit! Designed to be used with slammed Honda Grom 125 with Ruckus front fork conversions, Racing Bros Front Fork lowering kit, and rear 4.5"/6.5" lowering links. Relocates the kickstand mount to a higher and more inward position, which would provide additional ground clearance during left turns!

Bolts onto the lower section of the frame, this relocation kit would give you a lot more ground clearance when turning or leaning left. With out the relocation kit, the original kickstand leg and bracket will make contact with the ground during left turns on a slammed Grom/Monkey. In a tricky situation, the additional ground clearance is what you'll need to pull yourself out of it. Why risk the strongest part of the frame making contact with the ground, which could cause you to lose control? Get the kickstand relocated!

The original Kickstand mount on the frame will need to be cut off. Hardware from the original kickstand will need to be reused.

  • Will only work with slammed Grom's, running RacingBros Front Fork lowering kit or Standard/Low Down length Ruckus front forks and rear 4.5"/6.5" lowering links.
  • Will work with MOST common Rearsets (Driven Racing, Nemoto, OEM, etc)
  • Will NOT work with basic 2" drop in Grom front fork lowering kits. The basic lowering kit is not low enough to make use of this kit.
  • The kickstand sensor will still work for 2014-2015 Grom's. For 2017+ Grom, you would need to shave the OEM stock rear set slightly so that it could clear the sensor.
  • Made in the USA.


  • 2014-2015 Honda Grom 125
  • 2017-2020 Honda Grom 125 (NON-ABS/ABS)
  • 2022+ Honda Grom 125 (NON-ABS/ABS)
  • 2018-2021 Honda Monkey 125 (NON-ABS/ABS)
  • 2022+ Honda Monkey 125 (NON-ABS/ABS)



For 2017-2020 Grom's, there is a small casting tab on the OEM rear set that needs to be cut off in order to clear the kickstand.


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