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Chimera Slammed Kickstand Relocation Kit for Lowered Honda Grom 125 (2014-2022), Monkey 125 (2018-2022)

Chimera Slammed Kickstand Relocation Kit for Lowered Honda Grom 125 (2014-2022), Monkey 125 (2018-2022)


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Chimera Slammed Grom Kickstand Relocation kit is specifically crafted for use with slammed or lowered Honda Grom 125 models featuring Ruckus front fork conversions, Racing Bros Front Fork lowering kit, and rear 4.5"/6.5" lowering links. This kit relocates the kickstand mount to a higher and more inward position, ensuring additional ground clearance during left turns.

Bolting onto the lower section of the frame, this relocation kit significantly increases ground clearance when turning or leaning left. Without it, the original kickstand leg and bracket may contact the ground during left turns on a slammed Grom/Monkey. In challenging situations, the extra ground clearance provided by this kit could be crucial for maintaining control. Why risk the strongest part of the frame making contact with the ground? Opt for the kickstand relocation!

Please note that the original Kickstand mount on the frame will need to be cut off, and hardware from the original kickstand must be reused. 


  • SLAMMED VERSION: Compatible with slammed Groms, utilizing Standard/Low Down length Ruckus front forks and rear 4.5"/6.5" lowering links.
  • LOWERED VERSION: Compatible with lowered Groms, utilizing RacingBros Front Fork lowering kit (set 3" lowered) or Drop In Fork Lowering Kit and rear 4.5"/6.5" lowering links.
  • Works with MOST common Rearsets (Driven Racing, Nemoto, OEM, etc).
  • NOT compatible with basic 2" drop-in Grom front fork lowering kits, as the basic lowering kit does not lower the bike enough to utilize this kit.
  • The kickstand sensor will still function for 2014-2015 Groms. For 2017+ Groms, slight shaving of the OEM stock rear set may be necessary to clear the sensor.
  • Some OEM components need to be reused: OEM Return Spring and OEM Kickstand Hardware.

Additional Information:

  • Made in the USA.


  • 2014-2015 Honda Grom 125
  • 2017-2020 Honda Grom 125 (NON-ABS/ABS)
  • 2022+ Honda Grom 125 (NON-ABS/ABS)
  • 2018-2021 Honda Monkey 125 (NON-ABS/ABS)
  • 2022+ Honda Monkey 125 (NON-ABS/ABS)

Note: For 2017-2020 Groms, there is a small casting tab on the OEM rear set that needs to be cut off to clear the kickstand.

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