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Chimera T-56 Baja Squadron Headlight Conversion Kit for Honda Grom 125 (2022+)

Chimera T-56 Baja Squadron Headlight Conversion Kit for Honda Grom 125 (2022+)


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  • Select the Chimera Hood Shroud Color (+$50)
  • The Baja Designs Squadron LED light has two options.
    • SPORT = 3,150 lumens @ 26 watts. (+$130.95)
    • PRO = 4,600 Lumens @ 40 watts. (+$214.95)
  • We offer the option to purchase a new OEM headlight cover ($19) + SERVICE FEE ($30) to get the face plate installed into the the OEM headlight cover. See installation note below for additional information on this. 

Chimera T-56 Headlight Conversion kit using Baja Designs Squadron LED Light! The T-56 headlight was designed by Francis Clemente for our Type 56 Grom Project, which significantly changed the front fascia of the 2022+ Honda Grom 125, all while increasing night visibility with a brighter and better LED light.

The T-56 headlight plate consist of 2 separate parts, the face-plate and the hood-shroud, which gives you the 4 different color options, such as ALL BLACK, ALL RAW, or contrast color (mix the color of the face place and shroud hood)! All parts are precision machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum with high details and complexity, all made in the USA!


Chimera did an excellent job on designing and manufacturing this headlight kit! The face plate was completely machined from a solid block of 6061 billet aluminum, the backside of the plate has been machined completely for weight reduction. The front fascia of the plate received full machine work and details to complete the finish! The complex machining is also shown all around the part as it matches front curve of the OEM headlight cover and the fit is tight and perfect! The T-56 conversion kit also has adjustable mounting brackets that would allow you to angle the light beam to your preference.

The T-56 is paired together with the best LED light company in the industry, Baja Designs. Their quality, brightness, and the durability of their LED lights made it the top choice for their kits. Baja Designs LED lights are also manufactured in the USA.

The black color is hard anodized black, which is the toughest anodizing process available and it's often used for military or aircraft as it also adds hardness to the material. The raw version is right out of the machine and it's uncoated for those who would like to anodize it to match their custom color or polish it for the ultimate shine.



  • Chimera Engineering T-56 Headlight Plate (PATENT PENDING)
  • Chimera Engineering Squadron Mounting Brackets
  • Mounting hardware


  • Chimera Engineering T-56 Light Shroud/Hood (PATENT PENDING)
  • Baja Designs Squadron LED Light - Driving/Combo Pattern ( Choose between the SPORT or PRO version) + Headlight Harness for Baja Designs Squadron LED light
  • OEM Honda Headlight Cover

Baja Designs Squadron light is very versatile. There are different lens colors (clear or amber) and light output pattern (spot, wide, driving/combo, or work) that you could change to suit your preference. These lens are sold separately. We recommend the driving/combo pattern for the best use on the Grom.

Made in the USA!



  • 2022+ Honda Grom 125 (Grom RR, JC92) ABS/NON-ABS



  • The toughest part of the installation is popping the face place into the OEM headlight cover. This is due to the percise and tight fit, in order to snap it into place, a good amount of strength from your fingers may be required. If this is not done correctly, you could risk scratching or cracking the OEM cover. (YouTube tutorial coming soon) We offer the option to purchase a new OEM headlight cover which a added option to pay a small service fee to get the face plate installed into the the OEM headlight cover. If you want this service, please select SERVICE + OEM Headlight Cover Shroud option for $49.00 ($18.60 OEM Headlight Cover + $20.40 Service). This would eliminate any problems or issues that you might encounter if you haven't installed a T-56 face plate into a OEM headlight cover.


  • The included harness would allow you to use the HIGH/LOW left hand control switch to TURN OFF or ON the headlight. Squadron LED lights is only ON or OFF, there is NO high/low beam on the Squadron.
  • The wattage draw from the Squadron light is quite high, we recommend turning off the light when the engine is OFF or when the bike is idling for a long period of time to ensure that the battery has sufficient power, this is especially important for the PRO series headlight with 40 watts draw.
  • Due to the Squadron LED light being intended for off-road use only, this conversion kit is for OFF-ROAD USE or show purposes only!
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