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PMT Tyres




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PMT TYRES racing slicks are designed for serious competition! Available in hard, medium, and soft compounds. Perfect for Kawasaki Z125, Kawasaki KSR, Honda Grom, Honda Monkey, Honda NSR50, Yamaha YSR50, Benelli TNT 135, and other scooters and mini motos with 12" rims. 

Hard Compound: Recommend for warmer weather/harness conditions (85-105 F). This compound wears slower than medium or soft, recommend for long-distance or endurance races. Optimal running temperature 176 F. Optimal Pressure 17-18 psi (front) and 20-27 psi (rear).

Medium Compound: A very popular compound in scooter/Minimoto racing when the maximum grip isn't required.  PMT Medium Compound has a good balance between grip and durability. Similar to the harder compound, this tire will require a little more time to get to an optimal temperature of 167 F. and optimal hot pressure of 17-18 psi (front) and 20-27 psi (rear).

Soft Compound: a Very sticky compound that will not require much warming up to get to working temperature.  This tire will probably only last a day or two.

  • Type: 12" Scooter, PitBike, Mini-GP
  • Lightweight: approximately 2lbs lighter per set than other brands
  • Tread Pattern: Slick
  • Hardness Compound: Soft = 50 Shore A, Medium = 55 Shore A, Hard = 60 Shore A
  • Tyre Width: 100mm
  • Sidewall Tyre: 90
  • Rim Width: 3.25" - 3.75"
  • Slick tires are for race track use only. 
  • Optimal hot pressure 17-18 psi (front) and 20-27 psi (rear)
  • Made in Italy
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