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Progressive Suspension Fork Kit unlocks the potential of your stock MiniMoto forks with a Progressive Rate Spring, Performance Tuned Damper Rods and necessary spacers making it a plug and play installation. This kit transforms the ride so handling can be soft enough at the start of the travel to offer a "plush" ride yet be firm enough at the end of the travel to soak up the big bumps. The kit also reduces front end "dive" during braking while providing excellent ride comfort. Better yet, Progressive Suspension warranty this kit for life!


  • Progressive Rate Springs
  • Damper Rods
  • Spacers

Available in 2 Lengths

  • Standard Ride Height
  • 2 inch Lowering.

Installation notes:

The Progressive Suspension Front Fork Kit could fit the 2014-2016 OG Grom if the top fork caps are changed to the 2017+ version. The OG Grom fork caps will show a plastic cover on the top of the fork, once removed, there would be a bolt in the middle of the cap. This OG Grom cap would need to be changed to the 2017+ fork caps, which does not have any bolt in the middle.

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