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Stance culture is popular in America, however, the days of converting to Ruckus front forks are no longer needed to achieve a lowered ride height. Running the RacingBros Front Fork Lowering Kits also means keep the strength from the original diameter size of the fork shaft, which is much large than the Ruckus forks. The Front Fork Lowering Kit is also much better than the Composimo 2" Drop-In Kits as it would have more suspension travel and also it doesn't require switching over to RaceBarz (which is the only handlebar options that could be used).


  • 4" Lowering = 22.2" TLG. Fork Travel = 3"
  • 3" Lowering = 23.2" TLG. Fork Travel = 4"

Stock Fork Information: 26.2" TLG, Fork Travel = 4".

NOTE: TLG is measured from the top-end of the outer (Aluminum) tube to the center of the axle hole.


  • RacingBros Lowering Steel Fork Shaft (x2)
  • RacingBros Lowering Aluminum Fork Tube (x2) - Anodized Black
  • 33.7mm OD Travel Spacers (x4)
  • 24.5mm OD POM Spacers (x2)
  • Racing Bros Lowering Springs (x2) See drop-down menu for spring rate options.
  • Racing Bros Wiper (x2) and seal (x2)

Available Spring Rates:

  • 6.5N/mm fork spring: Rides up to 265lbs
  • 7.5N/mm fork spring: Riders above 280lbs

RacingBros Front Fork Lowering Kit would accept the following front fork internals (not included, sold separately):

Benefits of the RacingBros Fork Lowering Kit compared to Ruckus Front Fork Conversions:

  • It allows you to run the OEM Grom Front Fender.
  • Retain full suspension travel.
  • Allows you to choose the front fork internal of your choice (RacingBros, Ohlins, or Stock OEM)
  • Retain the original fork shaft diameter and also fork tube size to keep it the same strength.
  • Ability to adjust different ride height and also allows you to limit the suspension travel.

Benefits of RacingBros Fork Lowering Kit compared to 2" Drop-In Lowering Kits:

  • Retain full suspension travel.
  • It does not protrude above the top triple clamp, so you're not required to run only the RaceBarz as the only option.
  • Ability to adjust different ride height and also allows you to limit the suspension travel.
  • Allows you to choose the front fork internal of your choice (RacingBros, Ohlins, or Stock OEM)
  • Looks 100x better since the fork tube (body) is shorter!

Installation notes:

Some OEM parts are needed to be reused from the OEM forks, such as the fork shaft guides, bottom fork brackets, and whatever else that isn't included with the kit content. 180ml of fork oil is needed per fork.

Please use the Racing Bros adjustable front fork installation instructions as a guide or reference along with the Racing Bros Lowering Kit Instructions

Professional installation is highly recommended! Steady Garage offers the front suspension installation service to the customer's front forks. Customers will have to provide a set of Grom forks in order for the Front Lowering Kit to be installed. We can also install the provided set of front fork damper kits at the same time as this service. Turn around time is 1-2 weeks, please contact us for scheduling and more information. Shipping must be covered by the customer, both ways. 

Based on all the ones that we have put together, if you plan on running OEM headlight and front fender, then the 3" front lowering is recommended for good travel length and also headlight to fender clearance. 4" lowering are only for those who are running aftermarket headlights such as Monstereye or Composimo Triple X. You're welcome to set it up however you like, but you would need to take the time to measure and test.


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