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Chimera Rear OEM Shock Preload Spacers - Honda Monkey 125

Chimera Rear OEM Shock Preload Spacers - Honda Monkey 125


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Tired of bottom out on your Honda Monkey 125? The Chimera Engineering Rear OEM Shock Preload Spacer Kit is for you! Stiffen up the rear suspension easily without the need to change the OEM rear shocks! We have tested these with rider weight of 220lbs and it was able to support their weight!

Sold in sets.


The Spacers are available in Raw.

Chimera Engineering Rear OEM Shock Preload Spacers - Honda Monkey 125 (all years and trim models)

Fix the softness of the rear suspension on the OEM shocks, reduce bottoming out! This will stiffen up your rear suspension. Tested with a rider weight of 220lbs and they were happy with the feel and comfort!

The preload spacer kits include 2 sets (1 set per each shock). About 1.5" of preload.



Sold in sets.

Made in the USA!


Installation tip:

  1. Installation is fairly simple since it doesn't require disassembling the shock. With the use of high-quality "wide" zip ties (not included), zip tie the spring to "compress/clamp" the spring till it allows the preload spacer to slide in. Do one side at a time. If the zip ties are slipping or moving, wrap electrical tape around the spring to reduce the slippage.
  2. Once the spacers are in position, wrap 1 zip tie around the preload spacer to keep it in position.
  3. Cut the zip ties to release the spring load. After the spring load is fully released, remove the 1 zip tie around the preload spacer.
  4. For easier and quicker installation, have someone sit on the Monkey and zip tie one of the spring to "compress" the spring, once the spring is compressed, get off of the bike and the spacers should be ready to slide in.
  5. The spacer sits between the shock and bottom spring Perch. Spacers do not touch the rear springs.

After you purchase the pre-load spacers and would like to ship your rear shocks to us, we will install the pre-load spacer onto your shocks for free! You must cover shipping both direction. Turn around time is 1 business day. If you're local, feel free to carry in your shocks for us to install the spacers!

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