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SP Takegawa

SP Takegawa Special Clutch Kit (Wire Type / Slipper Clutch)

SP Takegawa Special Clutch Kit (Wire Type / Slipper Clutch)


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・Special clutch cover: Die-cast aluminum (buffing clear coating)
・Large filler cap: Die-cast aluminum (chrome-plated finish)

Components: Primary Drive Gear

*Since the slipper clutch is structurally designed to cause clutch slippage when the engine is started, we recommend the use of various decompression camshafts in combination.
*Special clutch kit (slipper clutch) is only available as a wire type kit.
*Special clutch cover (hydraulic type) is not available as a kit because the slipper clutch cannot be installed at the same time due to its structure.
*In order to install the thermostat unit, the SP Takegawa oil cooler must be installed at the same time.
*There may be changes in product specifications due to the manufacturer's reasons.

*Depending on the lot, the product may be delivered with the old price and label with the old JAN code before the price change.
This is the all-in-one package of the special clutch cover with the structure that the stock clutch cover does not have and the 6 disc reinforced clutch kit (slipper clutch specification).
We have set a set price which is more reasonable than buying each of them separately.

■Special Clutch Cover (Wire Type)
The main body of the cover is made of die-cast aluminum, buffed and clear coated, and beautifully finished.
The cover shape and surface treatment are completely different from the stock clutch cover, giving an impact to the engine and beautifully directing the bike.
SP Takegawa logo on the clutch cover.

■Wire type
The manual wire clutch operation mechanism is of the rack and pinion type, which enables stable clutch work.
The stock clutch lever can be used without modification.
This product has a clutch cover structure that can be used for both manual wire type and hydraulic type.Therefore, by purchasing the hydraulic clutch conversion kit after purchasing the manual wire type clutch cover, you can change to the hydraulic type without replacing the cover.

■Features of the special clutch cover
・Equipped with oil outlet as standard
The clutch cover is equipped with an oil outlet so that the oil can be taken out to the oil cooler.If the oil outlet is not used, use the supplied blind plug.

・Equipped with an engine oil check window
The clutch cover is equipped with a window to check the engine oil level.The windows are made of durable glass.

・Large filler cap (Die-cast aluminum with chrome plating)
The oil inlet is larger than the stock one, so it is easy to fill the oil.

■Patented structure of clutch cover
・ (Thermostat mounting part and oil line structure)
The thermostat (sold separately) can be installed with the patented structure made by SP Takegawa only.Original oil line structure prevents overcooling when oil cooler is installed by installing thermostat unit.
(There is an oil cooler kit for Z125 PRO made by SP Takegawa.)

■6 Disc Strengthening Clutch Kit (Slipper Clutch)
This clutch has 6 discs compared to the stock clutch (5 discs), and the clutch capacity is increased, so it is suitable for high power engines.

Comes with a primary drive gear that is significantly lighter than stock.It reduces the load on the crankshaft and improves the throttle response.

In combination with the standard spring, the set load of the spring can be lowered, and clutch operation can be made lighter.The load can be adjusted by changing the number and combination of clutch springs.

Primary driven gear included
The primary driven gear is much lighter than the stock gear and improves the throttle response and transmits 100% of the crankshaft rotation to the secondary clutch.

It is not possible to install only the 6 disc reinforced clutch kit.
It is necessary to install SP Takegawa's special clutch cover at the same time.

■How to operate the thermostat
How to Operate the Thermostat: When the oil temperature rises (above 70°C), the shape memory alloy spring in the thermostat extends, blocks the bypass passage in the clutch cover, and changes the oil flow to via the oil cooler.
When the temperature is below 70 degrees, the spring contracts and only a small amount of oil flows to the oil cooler through the bypass passage.
・Thermostat unit 02-01-5052
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