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TB Forged Aluminum Shift Lever – CRF110, TTR110 & Others

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TB Forged Aluminum Black Shift Lever – CRF110, TTR110 & Others

TBparts High Quality Aluminum shift lever. The shifter is forged from 6061 billet aluminum for extreme strength and durability. The tip is CNC’d from 6061 billet aluminum and extended with knurling to help your foot grab it better. The length is also extended 8mm and it is still lighter than factory. Plus our splines are always cut precisely for the perfect fit. Our shifters are nothing like the Ebay specials that have a similar appearance but don’t use the same quality materials nor have forged arms. Not to mention quality control and customer service….

This is a very high quality aluminum shift lever with the following features:

  • Extended 8mm (Over CRF110 and TTR110)
  • Folding shift tip with knurled surface for better grip and feel
  • The lever arm is forged from 6061 billet aluminum for extreme strength and durability
  • The folding shift tip is CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum
  • The billet shift tip is extended to help prevent mis-shifts.
  • Precise splines for a perfect fit on the shift shaft
  • Lighter than stock

This shifter fits the following models:

  • All CRF110
  • All TTR110
  • Zongchen ZS190 Engine
  • Possibly other engines/bikes (this is not the original Honda 50/70 style)
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