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TB V2 Race Head & Camshaft V2-2(Pre-Order)

TB V2 Race Head & Camshaft V2-2(Pre-Order)


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TB V2 Race Head & Camshaft V2-2

TBparts V2 race head and V2-2 camshaft. This kit is only for use with a matching TBparts piston (see Important Notes below).

Our V2 Race head has numerous advantages over the stock head. Starting with the addition of forged aluminum roller rocker arms and our V2-2 camshaft. Not only do the aluminum roller rockers free up big horsepower, but you can also run much more aggressive cam profiles with roller rockers for even more power. Next is the bigger valves 30mm intake and 24.5mm Exhaust. The intake and exhaust ports are equally as improved at 27/23mm. Both valves are stainless steel too (21-4N material). The valves also come installed, complete with high lift heavy duty valve springs. This all adds up to a cylinder head that puts out a professional level of performance and power yet is still affordable for the privateer rider.

Key Features –

  • V2-2 Camshaft
  • Race Head V2
  • Forged Roller rockers
  • 21-4N Stainless steel Valves
  • 30mm intake valve, 24.5mm exhaust valve
  • 27mm intake port, 23mm exhaust port
  • Valves installed
  • High Lift Heavy Duty Valve springs

This kit includes part numbers TBW0459(cylinder head) and TBW0577(V2-2 Camshaft)

OEM valve and cam covers can be reused.

Important Note 1: If you have a 2010 or newer KLX110 or a Z125 you will also need our TBW0645 cam sprocket that is available in this section.

Important Note 2: This kit does not contain a piston. You will need to either use one of our newly modified pistons or check your your clearances very carefully and modify your piston’s reliefs to clear the bigger valves, if need be.   This head will not work with any of our KLX big bore pistons sold prior to 3/18/08. We recommend getting one of our kits in this section that includes the piston and a gasket kit.

Important Note 3: Z125s need intake manifold TBW1224

There are no installation instructions, but if you can replace your piston, you can install this kit. If you don’t have any experience working on your engine, we highly recommend having a professional technician install this kit or, at a minimum, purchasing the shop manual for your bike available in this section or from your local Kawasaki or Suzuki dealer. The parts are installed in the same manner as the OEM parts. Tuning will be required when upgrading to this kit.

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